Mark Ballas and Bethany Mota dance hip hop

October 14th, 2014

Week 5 of Dancing With the Stars was switchup week and Mark Ballas danced a hip hop routine with Bethany Mota.  They earned 32 points from the judges.  There was no elimination this week, and Mark will return to original partner Sadie Robertson next week.

Mark Ballas and Sadie Robertson talk to ABC7 after Switch Up week

October 14th, 2014

Week 5 of Dancing With the Stars saw Team Quack Attack switched with different partners.  Sadie danced the Charleston with Derek Hough and Mark danced hip hop with Bethany Mota.  The couple reunited after the show and talked with George from ABC7.

DWTS Mark Ballas Blog- Switches It Up with Bethany Mota

October 14th, 2014

Hey, Hollywood Life!

Another amazing week! I had a fantastic time with Bethany — she’s an absolute sweetheart! It was awesome hanging out and getting to know her throughout the week. We connect on so many levels! Especially with music! We had so much fun shooting our package with the hoola-hooping, skipping, blowing bubbles. She’s an absolute star and such a sweet person. I’m going to miss her next week, but I’m really excited to have Sadie back at the same time!

To be honest, when I found out that Sadie had Derek for the switch-up, it was a huge weight off my shoulders. I was relieved and I knew that I could relax because she would be safe in Derek’s arms because he is incredible and like my brother! We had a lot of fun all week during rehearsals; Derek and I were FaceTime-ing, texting, and calling to check in with each other. He was giving me tips on Bethany and I was giving him tips on Sadie, so it was really a team effort! I thought both of the girls did incredibly well. I was so thrilled with Derek and Sadie’s dance. I thought she did an incredible job, and I loved the routine! It was really cool to watch as a fan at a distance than be her partner because my POV is usually her face and being up close, but it was nice to be further back and able to watch her just kill it! 

I was a little bummed on Bethany’s score. I felt like she could have gotten a couple of 9’s, and I took it to heart afterwards because we worked so hard on getting a little more “oomph” out of her in her performance. Even the judges said she had improved on that, but she still got the same score as the week before. I was being a little hard on myself backstage, but as the night went on, it seemed like the scoring got increasingly worse. The vibe backstage definitely reflected that, people were really down about it, so I thought maybe I shouldn’t be so upset because everyone was going through it, too. Still, the scoring was on the lower side across the board and it’s tough because these people are not professional dancers, but they’re out here doing the best that they can. The judges were throwing up 5’s and giving some tough criticism. I know it’s their opinion and it’s professional and they want to be constructive, but I felt that it was just a little too harsh. 

I’m looking forward to having Sadie back and dancing the Rumba next week. It’s a sensual, romantic dance, and I want to make sure that it’s age-appropriate while still telling the story as beautifully as she does. It’s also Pitbull week! I’m a big Pitbull fan, so it’ll be awesome to have him come on the show, perform, and judge. I’m really looking forward to it! 

All in all, great week, some amazing routines tonight. I was so proud of Sadie and Derek, and truly blessed to have had Bethany in the switch-up and enjoy the experience with her because she’s an amazing person! So I’m really glad that I made such an awesome new friend!

So, until next week!
Mark Ballas 

Originally posted for Hollywood Life

Access Hollywood talks to 'Switchup week' partner Bethany Mota and Mark Ballas

October 9th, 2014

The fans spoke and for Switchup week Mark Ballas will be dancing with Bethany Mota.  The two talked with Access Hollywood during rehearsals.

October 8th, 2014

Mark Ballas is back for his latest EXCLUSIVE ‘DWTS’ blog, and he’s got a lot to quack about! The pro dancer and his ‘Duck Dynasty’ partner Sadie Robertson were joined by none other than the Robertson family for a fun samba, and Mark says it was his ‘favorite night of the season!’

What happens when you put Mark Ballas and Sadie Robertson on stage with Willie Robertson? You get a killer score of 37 on Dancing With The Stars! The dancin’ duo had another incredible week and Mark writes exclusively for all about their performance. Plus, does Mark want to grow his very own Duck Dynasty beard?! Read on to find out!

‘Dancing With The Stars': Mark Ballas & Sadie Robertson Pay Tribute To ‘Duck Dynasty’

Sadie Robertson opened up about her family on week four of Dancing With The Stars. She bravely admitted that being in the spotlight can be tough and even revealed that she wanted Duck Dynasty to end after her grandpa Phil Robertson‘s controversy. Sadie shared that her family’s faith has kept them strong — and that was certainly the case on Oct. 6 episode of DWTS with a routine that was better than ever!

Mark and Sadie danced the samba and the audience loved when the Robertson family joined them on the dance floor. Mark even donned his very own trademark beard! (Talk about getting into character!)

Mark and Sadie were one of the first couples to be called safe, after earning a 37 score for their awesome samba.

Mark Ballas Week 4 ‘DWTS’ Blog

Hey Hollywood Life!

It was an amazing night tonight! It was an intense week in rehearsals – I really kicked it up a notch with Sadie. She did incredibly well at working so hard. We both did! To the point where I would have to change t-shirts because I was sweating straight through it! We were rehearsing for about 5-6 hours a day – and she was so focused, and I’m really proud of her! 

The performance felt amazing. It was the first time that we felt like one person moving as a unit. From the second I looked at her on the stage, I knew she was ready to go. When we touched hands for the first time, I knew it would be one of those performances where I wouldn’t have to think, and I could just treat it as almost an out-of-body experience.

It was also great having Jep, Jase, Willie and Si Robertson be a part of the routine. It gave a huge edge to the performance, and took it over the top. It was so much fun, and such a great tribute to Sadie’s family and “Duck Dynasty.”

I loved the song “Hunter” by Pharrell Williams; it was perfectly suited for the concept.

It was pretty cool having a beard for the first time in my life even though it was super itchy. But maybe at some point when I’m older I might grow one!

Tonight has been my favorite night of the season. I’ve got to say, that out of all of the pieces I’ve done in my 15 seasons on the show, this is one of my top three. Incredible night, and so proud of Sadie!

Until next week,
Mark Ballas

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Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas dance the samba

October 7th, 2014

For the most memorable year of your life week, Sadie selected 2012 when Duck Dynasty began.  She and Mark did a samba to Pharell's Hunter which included sharing the stage with her uncles.  The routine earned a 37 and the couple move on to week 5 of the competition!

Sadie Robertson & Mark Ballas - Samba by Codebear2